AYUTREAT LIFESCIENCES PVT LTD has maintained an uninterrupted tradition of providing pure, sattvic and certified Ayurvedic and herbal formulations for over 150 years.

We are proud and happy to have succeeded in winning generation after generation the trust of a high quality conscious customer base. By combining ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and modern technology, we strive to maintain absolute purity without any compromise. AYUTREAT’s principal purpose is to bring the Ayurvedic system to the masses, so that people can see it as a faith based practice.

As a patient, you have a right to accurate information about your illness and an appropriate doctor. A mass awakened revolution is what we’d like to see happen. We believe it is our duty to resurrect Ayurveda in its original form and preserve our culture. Treatment based on Ayurveda and educating the public about it will be a watershed moment in medical history. People’s faith in Ayurveda is our greatest asset.